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Knee Injuries


A knee injury can be caused by trauma, misalignment, degeneration and by arthritis. A form of knee pain is called patellofemoral syndrome which involves a tissue related problem, creating pressure and irritation in the knee. Another form of knee pain involves a tear, slippage or dislocation that impairs the structural ability of the knee to balance the knee. This is called patellofemoral instability syndrome.

Age is a large contributor to disorders of the knee, due to the weakness of tissues overtime. Knee pain can also be caused by a number of other ways, including: fractures, accidents, injuries and constant strain on the knee. When heavy stress is applied to the knee, it is damaging the cartilage. Those who frequently run and lift weights are especially susceptible to this type of knee pain. Muscle weakness and being overweight can also contribute to the wear and tear of the knee.

Patients usually complain of a painful and swollen knee. Modern medicine may help knee pain but only temporarily and with many unwanted knee injuries. Lifetime medication may be needed in regards to modern medicine.

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